Roopak Bar Be Que Masala - (100G)

Roopak Bar Be Que Masala - (100G)

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 This is a Vegetarian product.

Product Description :

The Bar Be Que Masala is a Stunning Product of the Roopak Grocery Collections. looks so good on the outside, it will make you feel good inside. it is a good quality product.

  • Good protein content.
  • Zero cholesterol.
  • Hygienically packed.
  • Easy to cook.
  • High in fibre.
  • Feel the quality.
  • Enhanced taste due to minimal loss of natural proteins.


Brand : Instant Spices Roopak

Items : Bar Be Que Masala Only.

Product Code : 841065010265

Weight : 0.22 Lbs.

Delivery : Fast Delivery