Our Story

Let's go back in 1957, when Late Shri Arjun Das Ahuja came to India from Pakistan because of partition. Life was not very simple for him, he started selling dairy products in the streets of Meerut for his livelihood. Very early he came to know that most of the dairy products that are selling in the market are the adulterated one, that is going to affect society. This inspired him to produced unadulterated dairy products.

The business he started was came to be known for the Purity and Freshness with consumer satisfaction. Soon customers and people around him started calling him Shahji as a sign of respect.

Shahji Foods is an initiative to bring forth the same legacy he started, and bring India back to the traditional values of Purity and Freshness. We prepare dairy products using Ayurvedic methods to ensure it reached each consumer in the best state possible and provides the ultimate benefits.